Juan Luna

web designer & front-end developer


I am a Web Designer and Front-end Developer from Bogotá, Colombia. Throughout my professional career I've worked in digital advertising agencies for clients such as Adidas, Unilever, Kellogg's, Sab Miller, BBVA, BMW and Suzuki as well as different schools and universities.

Highly interested in entrepreneurship, art direction, UI/UX, photography, Netflix, soccer, books, music and coffee.

My favorite software / tools / languages / services are:

  • Photoshop, InVision
  • HTML5, Haml, Markdown
  • CSS3, Scss, PostCSS, Skeleton, Bourbon
  • Javascript, jQuery, underscore.js
  • Wordpress, Jekyll, Hexo
  • Git, Github


Thank you for getting in touch with me, I'm available for part-time digital projects and full-time coffee meetings. Please let me know how could I help you and I will answer as soon as I can, also, you can find me in the following social networks.